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Why the Club?

Fitness Kickboxing


Fitness Kickboxing Classes typically start with 20 minutes of Interval training to get your heart rate up and muscles warm. From there, you’ll either start with our Aqua Bags or Kickboxing Bags. Our Aqua Bags will focus on boxing combinations for an amazing upper body workout for 20 minutes. On our Kickboxing Bags, you’ll work 4 rounds of Kickboxing for a full-body workout for 20 minutes.


Our Power Kickboxing Classes combines Strengthening with a variety of equipment and Kickboxing. We’ll use weights, kettlebells, battle ropes and more! Each item will be disinfected after each and every use. Kickboxing will consist of shadowboxing with egg weights, kickboxing rounds on bags, and 1-on-1 pad work with an instructor. During pad work, masks must be worn by members and instructors.

Power Kickboxing


Jus’ Kickboxing will consist of a quick warmup to get our muscles warm and then into kickboxing rounds on bags and rounds on our Aqua Bags. Great for people that wants to just mainly focus on boxing and kickboxing!